Top 5 Benefits of Artificial Turf

Aug 31, 2022
Top 5 Benefits of Artificial TurfMost people are aware of turf being used on baseball and football fields, but turf is also a great surface for residential use. While grass is the traditional option, turf offers all sorts of benefits that make keeping your yard looking pristine much less of a hassle.

Are you considering artificial turf for your outdoor space? If so, here are the top 5 benefits to keep in mind before making your decision.

1. No Maintenance

Keeping your grass green and lush takes a lot of work. Traditional grass or sod requires weekly maintenance, including mowing, watering, fertilizer, and more—but, unlike natural grasses, artificial turf doesn’t require any such maintenance in order to keep up its green appearance. The only work that artificial turf requires is removing any fallen leaves with a leaf blower, stiff brush, or plastic rake to ensure your green grass shows through at all times. Twice a year apply weed killer.

By spending less time maintaining your yard, you can focus on other projects to enhance your outdoor living space, such as installing a walkway using paving stones or creating a patio using natural stone.

2. No Seasonal Impacts

Different seasons can wreak havoc on your yard. Too much rain in the spring can discolor the grass. Not enough rain in the summer can fry it to a crisp. In the colder months, natural grass often turns yellow or brown because of the weather. As the grass becomes dormant, it loses its nice color and can make your yard look less than ideal.

On the other hand, artificial turf stays looking great no matter the season. No matter if there’s a drought, too much water, or wintertime, you can ensure that your grass will look great.

3. No Growing Needed

Unless you purchase expensive sod, getting a luscious backyard requires months of growth. Not only do you have to prepare the dirt, you then have to plant grass seed, water it, and provide other maintenance care to help your grass grow. This can be a true pain if you don’t have a green thumb, let alone if you don’t have the time to grow your lawn from plain dirt.

With artificial turf, as soon as it’s installed, you’re done! There are no worries about growing grass or keeping up with it to ensure it grows. Turf just requires removing leaves and any weeds to remain looking good.

Once artificial turf is installed, you can put down patio pavers, design a garden, or work on any other project you want to make your yard look beautiful.

4. Money Saving

Because artificial turf is low maintenance, it will save you money in the long run. Not only do you not have to pay water costs to water your yard, you also don’t need to worry about purchasing lawn care equipment, fertilizer, and other maintenance products.

5. Environmentally Friendly

Artificial grass can be made out of all sorts of materials. The most eco-friendly option is recycled turf, which is made using entirely recycled materials. This keeps waste out of landfills and is much healthier for the environment.

Artificial turf also doesn’t require the use of harmful chemicals to keep it healthy and free of bug infestations. This is not only healthy for Mother Nature but also for your family and pets.

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