Appealing Benefits of Synthetic Turf That You Should Know

Aug 31, 2022
Appealing benefits of synthetic turf that you should know!

There are tons of little-known but appealing benefits of having artificial turf on your lawn instead of natural grass.

It is best to take a closer look into some of them in the following sections:

You wouldn’t need to rely on fertilizers anymore

Lawn grass often needs artificial fertilizers since the top layer of city soil often lacks the necessary nutrients grass needs to grow properly. Now, artificial fertilizers – they don’t come cheap and it is an expense that you can do without!

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Saving money has never been so easy!

Shade won’t harm the turf

It is often seen that natural grass, whether it is growing on a lawn, on a soccer field, or in a valley, if it is subjected to excessive shade, it dies.

Now if your lawn has a lot of huge trees then the canopy of those trees will cast huge patches of shadow on the grass below. This will lead to bald patches – places where the grass on the lawn had died due to the absence of sunlight.

Cue in artificial turf –

Artificial turf doesn’t need sunlight hence bid farewell to bald patches and your worries about the deteriorating aesthetics of your lawn!

Forget waterlogging

Waterlogging is a common issue in lawns of California homes. Natural lawns consist of soft soil layers beneath the grass. It is essential since grass ceases to grow properly if the soil is riddled with pebbles and hard-to-penetrate bedrock!

Artificial turf, on the other hand, irrespective of the soil type, can be installed or retrofitted on the lawn of a home easily.

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Well, before the turf is being installed, the team working with the paving contractor would ensure that the ground is being smoothened out. This ensures that the same will be free from valleys or grooves that act as perfect spots for water to accumulate.

Furthermore, if you hire the leading paving company in Sacramento, then your lawn with artificial turf will be equipped with small channels. These will help the turf to properly drain itself and remain dry.

It needs no maintenance whatsoever!

Artificial turf doesn’t need maintenance, like at all.

They don’t grow so there won’t be any need for gassing up the lawnmower and spending hours grooming the lawn!

Sure, now and then you would need to spray a little bit of water to clean off the accumulated dust from it.


If your pet has relieved itself on it but that is all there is!


Apart from the unique and appealing benefits mentioned in the sections above, retrofitting your lawn with artificial turf returns a high value and cost efficiency factor. Sure, it would cost you more than natural grass at first but over the years, when you are not relying on fertilizers anymore and won’t be buying gas for your lawnmower, you will be saving a lot of cash! Convinced enough!? Then be sure to get in touch with a reliable company that offers services like synthetic turf installation Sacramento, for the best results.