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Steps and stairways are those prominent features that give a beautiful dimension to a home or building. Outdoor stairs and steps add to the functionality and beauty of any property. Whether you wish to get concrete stairs installed at the entryway or outdoor landscape, it’s advisable to rely on professional paving company Sacramento for quality work and timely installation.

At California Paver Pros, we are equipped with the latest tools and techniques and years of experience in the paving industry. Our superior artistry and professional approach to handling paver steps installation and repair projects have made us the best paving contractor in Sacramento

Paver Steps Installation Sacramento Made Easy

Well-paved steps have more functions than an easy passageway. Besides being exceptionally decorative, they offer safety to the users.

At California Paver Pros, our team of professional pavers and designers understand the aesthetic and well as functional advantages of steps. Each of the step installation projects we take up is aimed at providing durability and usability of the entire property while keeping maintenance low. With us, you can find a wide variety of stepping paving stones, designs, patterns, and materials to choose from at a competitive price. 

Our Paver Steps Installation Services 

California Paver Pros have a wide range of steps installation solutions to meet the varied needs of our clients. Our efficient team of skilled pavers and designers are specialized in steps remodeling and renovation solutions and the following services, 

Concrete Steps Building: We have extensive experience in undertaking concrete steps installation services in Sacramento and surrounding areas. Whether you need to beautify your entryway with natural stone steps or add character to your landscape through acrylic steps, our team is here by your side. 

Concrete Steps Repair: Excessive usage can damage even the sturdiest steps. We are one of the best paver sealing companies in Sacramento with experience in repairing steps and transforming it into a work of art. Whether it’s sealing the cracks or renovating the entire step way, we can deal with any problem.

What We Can Do For You - Steps Designs & Patterns

Being the best paving contractor near Sacramento and surrounding areas, we have gained proficiency in delivering to the unique step installation needs of both commercial and residential clients. With us, you can find the following step designs and patterns:

Running Bond Pattern: The running bond pattern is one of the most popular step patterns for outdoor usage. In this laying pattern, the stones are installed in a row in an offset position. This layering pattern can be achieved from any paving stones of any size and dimension.

Irregular Paving Stone Step Design: Irregular paving stone design is suitable for all applications. As compared to running bond patterns, the paving stones are set in random order to give it irregular and uneven effects on the steps.

Customized Design: At California Paver Pros, our pavers can build steps as per your choice. No matter what your needs are, we will design steps that suit your home or landscape. We take your requirements, measurements, and application into consideration before putting the design into concrete reality.

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