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Specializing in hardscape design for all types of homes, California Paver Pros employs qualified industry professionals and an effective strategy. Customers depend on us for timely installations within their budgets. Every job is unique, and we begin each project by discussing the customer’s individual needs and concerns. A diverse array of paver stones helps us meet the needs of homeowners and small business owners in and around Sacramento, California.

Offered by California Paver Pros

You can choose from the following walkway, driveway, and patio paving stones when remodeling your hardscape.

Arbel : This looks like natural stone but is available in various earthen color blends, textures, and patterns. Arbel is great if you’re looking for a natural flagstone appearance that’s soft and impressive.

Mega-Arbel : If you’re in need of a natural-looking hardscape, a range of natural hues are available. Mega-Arbel features larger modular pieces than our Arbel product.

Urbana : Many shapes are possible by arranging this three-piece modular system (and optional large squares) to your needs. Random shapes and patterns are possible and complement finely chiseled textures and contours.

Mega-Lafitt : A natural looking stone, it is similar to flagstone and suited as a long-term solution. Convenient modular shapes provide design flexibility with the benefits of strength and durability.

Old World : The natural stone cleft finish is reminiscent of cobblestone, but these paver stones offer flexibility in laying patterns, so you can benefit from variability as well as strength.

Subterra Stone : A natural chiseled stone look graces these attractive, permeable stones. The stone reduces water run-off but can maintain a look and style that is your own.

Lafitt Patio Slab : This looks a lot like cut slate, but provides a variety of design options that feature a classic-looking style, yet is durable and seemingly modern.

Dublin Cobble : Offers an earthy, natural charm reminiscent of Ireland that complements rustic, traditional, or contemporary settings in your home.

Bergerac : This has an appeal of ancient Roman cobbled stone. Multi-color blends yield design flexibility while circle stone pavers expand versatility as well.

Mega-Bergerac : Unique color blends, variable sizing, and a dimpled surface replicate the appearance of European hand-cobbled streets; your patio can be truly one-of-a-kind.

Holland Stone : A modular shape enables the placement of each stone to create any type of design in a residential or commercial setting.

Cambridge : Rounded corners and domed surfaces, as well as subtle color combinations, can yield unique walkways that help reminisce about small 19 th   century American towns.

Belair Wall : This is a versatile stone option for freestanding walls, which can be used on raised patios, terraces, steps, and corners around your property.

Celtik Wall : Featuring natural hues and rough textures, this product has been manufactured using modern techniques, yet has an antiqued look to match various landscape and garden projects.

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