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Patio Designs from California Paver Pros

A variety of options are available to improve patio spaces. Customers in Sacramento, Elk Grove, Roseville, Lincoln, and other local communities depend on us to create a unique outdoor living experience. We can install concrete pavers that enable versatile designs and make any patio extremely durable for years to come.

Patio Options for Sacramento Area Homeowners

Our industry experience enables us to focus on quality and customer satisfaction, while providing professional, yet friendly, service. Each project complies with building regulations and addresses the customer’s unique requirements. The options we offer are far-reaching and include:

  • Concrete Pavers : Can be arranged into different patterns and designs. The benefits include longevity, low maintenance, and the option to choose from many colors. Concrete patio pavers also have high-compressive strength (in other words, they’re very strong) and can withstand the elements. Compared to poured concrete, they are also more affordable.

  • Paving Stones : Easily installed and replaced, paving stones can handle lots of foot traffic without breaking. They’re available in multiple colors and patterns. For customers who love the look of stone, they also benefit from a durable product that doesn’t flake, chip, or crack and can hold up to hot and cold. If repairs are needed, only the stone that is damaged needs replacement. Stones are also easy to clean with a water hose.

  • Flagstones : A patio can look natural and organic while sporting an earthy color and tone. Flagstones come in shades of gray, red, and brown. Whether a customer chooses slate, limestone, or sandstone, their patio surface lasts for many years and will remain slip resistant. Therefore, flagstones offer much more than visual appeal, although aesthetics helps your flagstone patio stand out.

  • Landscaping Rocks : Rock, stone, and gravel can complement a patio surface. We offer a wide range of options depending on the type of pavers or stones installed. Outdoor living spaces can look very natural while being highly functional. Adding more natural elements enables us to create unique designs every time.

Design and Installation Services

California Paver Pros offers customers design ideas based on their expectations and budget. Every project is compliant with California building regulations, but we cater to each client’s needs based on the type of stone—several collections of natural, antique, classic, and wall stones are available. If a customer demands an outdoor fire pit, fireplace, or another outdoor element, we can address the design and installation challenges until we end up with the desired results.

In addition, we offer a few financing options. Patio projects can be financed with the customer’s equity or through prime lenders we work with. We also accept American Express, Visa, Discover, and MasterCard.

Custom Patio Design from California Paver Pros

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We work with all customers to choose the exact color, size, and shape of patio pavers to match their style and taste. Able to craft the perfect outdoor space, our landscapers focus on aesthetics, functionality, and customer satisfaction. To learn more, send us a message, book an appointment, or call 833-CAL-PROS now!