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Natural Stone Pavers

Stone pavers are popular among homeowners seeking natural-looking landscaping materials that last many years. Our products also blend different colors and tones that keep their luster over time. Natural stone is resistant to frost, does not wear the way concrete does, and does not require maintenance except for periodic cleaning.

Homeowners also benefit from using sustainable materials. Paver stones are completely natural. Stone is plentiful on earth, so no manufacturing process is required. Our stone products can be recycled, crushed, and used again as other paving solutions or added to aggregate products. Natural stone simply improves with age, which is something you can’t expect from concrete.

California Paver Pros can provide various paver stone options if you’re looking to create a natural stone patio. If you’re building a paver stone patio, here are some of the choices we have available.


Arbel Stone looks like natural flagstone. Its colors, textures, and patterns create unique surfaces that look earthy and have a soft, natural appearance. An irregular base shape contributes to design flexibility. Available in modular 3 1/8” x 10 3/8” x 14 1/8” units, the stone is perfect for outdoor patios, walkways, and driveways.


Suited for creating beautiful, natural-looking hardscapes, Mega-Arbel stones feature natural hues and larger modular flagstones of 80 mm x 15 6/16” x 20 1/16”. Exact specifications vary. A range of natural surfaces are available, so homeowners can choose the color and hue that matches their landscaping and preferred style.


Featuring the appearance of vintage cut stone, our Urbana stones have chiseled textures and contours. Random shapes make them unique as well. Customers can create individual patterns that give their homes a unique flair. Urbana is available as a three-piece modular system; for more versatility, an optional large square can be included.


Large modular stones ease installation. Each modular unit looks like natural cut flagstone, while a 3-piece pattern and optional large square allow for versatility. An 80mm height and large proportions aren’t the only benefits, as the stone shapes remain strong and durable over the long term. Customers can expect ease of installation and a texture that reflects style and substance.

Old World

Noted for their strength and durability, Old World patio paving stones resemble European cobbled streets. A natural stone cleft finish mimics a worn surface, while the flexible laying pattern affords room for variability. Old World holds up in high traffic and is available with numerous color and pattern variations.

Subterra® Stone

These permeable stone pavers have a false joint structure and natural-looking chiseled stone appearance. They’re great for homeowners looking to be environmentally responsible. Also, water run-off is reduced due to the pavers’ permeable design.

Lafitt Patio Slab

Classic and modern, our Lafitt Patio Slab has the appearance of cut slate. It combines a lasting style with high strength. Homeowners have a variety of design options for their patios and walkways with the three shapes offered.

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