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Driveway Paving and Design

California Paver Pros offers viable options for driveway design that many people overlook. Our paver and stone options offer levels of aesthetics and performance that make them ideal for new driveways and replacements to existing installations. Many design choices are available from California Paver Pros as well, which is another reason to go the stone route.

Paver Stone Options

We offer many different options, including Arbel Stone, which combines the appearance of natural stone and unique textures to create an impressive driveway. If you prefer the look of flagstone, our Mega Lafitt allows design flexibility due to a versatile three-piece pattern. The vintage look and chiseled texture of Urbana stone and the natural hardscape and interlocking pattern of Mega-Arbel pavers can suit homeowners just as well.

All in the Details

Our driveway contractors can accommodate you with designs that complement or accentuate architectural elements of your home. Different styles, shapes, and colors can be combined. They result in truly unique creations that resemble none other. Your entry space can be transformed into a work of art rather than the typical driveway of your neighbor’s home.

A lot goes into driveway design. Our contractors are experienced working with texture, which has a big impact on the overall look of a paver surface. Texture makes use of light to create visual effects and a level of beauty that matches your individual taste. With the right texture, pavers can look beautiful from any angle.

We can also recommend pavers with a worn look, even though they are brand new and ready to withstand the elements for years to come. A worn appearance can lessen the effects of wear and tear as well. Our paver options function well in variable climates. They are durable enough to tolerate extreme summer heat and wintertime freeze-thaw cycles.

Serving All Your Driveway Paver Needs

We specialize in all aspects of hardscape design. Knowledgeable and experienced, our designers and driveway contractors are committed to working within your specifications. They are focused on high-quality workmanship and results, so you can always expect projects that:

  • Fit within your timeline and budget

  • Meet your needs as discussed from the start

  • Include a lifetime guarantee

  • Are completed by welcoming, approachable contractors

  • Are flexible, so we work around your schedule

Additionally, our licensed and insured installation professionals receive ongoing training so no detail is ever left out. If there’s a new product or technique, or if building regulations change, we can comply with all legal requirements in California and the expectations of our customers.

California Paver Pros is also committed to adhering to the latest standards. These include standards set by leading industry organizations, such as the National Concrete Masonry Association and the Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institution.

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We know driveways must withstand daily wear and tear while meeting our clients’ aesthetic needs. Our driveway contractors are ready to help you choose a paver, design, material, and color that works for your home. For a consultation, call today at 833-CAL-PROS.